Remember to stay safe in these uncertain times

Stay home. Save Lives. Protect the NHS.

The slogan above, used daily until recently, is easy to understand and a direct instruction for everyone to keep their distance and work from home, if they can. 

Over the last week or so, the message above has been altered, making it a little more difficult for people to understand the tone and core of the message. 

Viral videos on TikTok and Instagram show people walking in and out of their homes, with an edited voice over of the Prime Minister - "Go to work, don't go to work, go out, don't go out, see your friends, don't see your friends..." it's all got a little confusing.

One thing that has become clearer in recent weeks, is the abundance of people now wearing face masks. While there's some confusion and doubt over their effectiveness, it's believed by many that wearing a face mask can at least protect others from catching something that you may not know you have. 

While certified PPE equipment should be left to those who need it most, NHS etc. The general public may also now need access to face masks and coverings that offer at least some protection for those around them. 

It's also become apparent, that standard, medical looking face masks can appear quite scary and alien to those of us in the UK who have never experienced anything like this before. 

So, people have started getting imaginative and creative with less scary alternatives - Mother comes up with an hilarious alternative to a face mask - and while wearing a saucepan inside a hood is probably not recommended or at all useful, the DIY community has certainly been creating some amazing and vibrant alternatives to the dentist style masks that look scary to young children.