Ethical Trading

At Ralph Bentley, we try to stick to a strict ethical code of practice when dealing with new products and working alongside new suppliers.

ETHICAL TRADING - No Animal Testing, No Child Labour, Fair Wages for All.

This code of practice, ensures that when you make a purchase on our website, you can be assured that either we or our supplier have worked hard to ensure that your product comes from an ethical labour source.

In the case of our wellbeing products, such as soaps, scrubs and body washes, we have sourced only from a reputable British company that abides by its own ethical and moral code and imports from suppliers that they have verified themselves.

With our homeware and metal work ranges, we have sourced exclusively from a British import specialist who trade as a family business that places emphasis on morals and ethical trading practices. 

The team at Ralph Bentley do not support any form of animal testing and, where possible, we have sourced products from suppliers that confirm they do not use animal testing for any of their product ranges. 

British Made - many of our products are made right here in the UK, we even design and print some of our own homeware and accessory products, so you can be assured that we have paid a fair price for the manufacturing of your order and it abides by the relevant British Standards in terms of safety.

Imports - where items are imported, we use trusted and established suppliers who abide by strict codes of practice for British standards, workforce laws and ethical trading practices.

Wholesale Trade - if you are interested in purchasing products for your retail shop or ecommerce store, head over to StaxtonHill Wholesale today and set up your FREE Trade Account.

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