COVID 19 Update

Ralph Bentley is still very much open for business, despite the rising uncertainty and worry that this global pandemic is causing.

Our in-house team can work remotely, to process orders, update stock quantities and maintain our Live Chat and Email Support services. Our web hosting providers, product suppliers and service providers are all still online and working 24/7 to keep us going. So, you can still order via our website, you will still receive items by post and our express delivery service is still operational, delivering to any UK mainland address! 



We remind all of our customers to 'Keep Your Distance' - by following the latest national health advice, we can delay the spread of this horrid virus and 'flatten the curve'. 

Our suppliers are still sending us new, updated stock every week and we're still shipping items out, as normal. So, there's no need to panic and this is the same situation for almost any other shopping you're considering right now. Online services have been delayed for some companies, however, as new employees get to work and new vehicles enter the courier network, these problems will quickly be overcome and deliveries for all retailers and shops will return to normal.



It's important to stay active anyway but especially so in the times where people are self isolating. If you're blessed with a reasonably sized garden, use it! Fresh air, Vitamin D from the sun, anything to help your immune system stay as strong as it can during this terrible time. 

For those who live in apartments or don't have much outdoor space, the occasional trip to the park or the woods is highly recommended. Remember to keep your 'social distancing' in mind and stay a few metres away from people. 

Also, if you're planning a trip to the seaside to get some fresh air, remember to pack any drinks and food first. It's not recommended that people group together and queue outside kiosks or food outlets at the moment and we suggest you keep to yourselves and take in the beautiful coastal scenery the UK has to offer - all while keeping your distance from others! 



For those who are self isolating, it can be super tough to stay positive. Pick up the phone....or Skype...or play games online with friends and family during this time. Drop someone a text, if you haven't heard from them in a while. Just check in on people or create a group chat in Whatsapp and invite everyone you can think of. 

For older relatives, or those without the technical know-how. Picking up the phone a few times a week can be a life changer. Just a chat about what everyone else is doing, what your plans are for the summer and scheduling in another call for a few days later can ease peoples worries and anxiety. Are there any relatives you haven't talked to in a while? Drop them a text or an email or pick up the phone, just find out if they're OK!



The UK Government are trying to put together as much information for people as they can. Some may feel this advice has been delayed but lets all remember, the advice has to be accurate, it has to be written in a concise manner and it has to be cross checked and copy checked before publication. Things are going to take time, the situation is evolving, the government have launched a series of bail-outs for various members of our community and no doubt more help is on the way.

For more advice, please visit (